All of our Cinderella grey marble after production, we will pre-install according to customer per request. Once we received the drawing or project shop draft, we will do some research at first, and then we will draw the outline of this project, and then put all of the cut to size tile on ground to pre-installation. 
When customer received our products,  there are usually three ways for the installation. 
The first method is dry hanging ,this method is first fixed on the wall with bolts .
And then slotted on a stone ,with a T shape frame will be fixed stone ,fix the frame with the bolt .They have a lot of distance ,but they have a good fix.
The second method is wet paste ,first hit a laver of steel mesh on the wall and then use concrete wet paste. This method of bonding of bonding effect is very good ,but sometimes not perfect enough.
The third method is directly paste ,it is relatively simple .Generally divided into point paste and surface paste. Surface Paste is applicable to thin stone ,the thickness of 8mm or less ,the weight is similar to wall brick .You can use special mortar paste .Point paste is the use of special stone glue ,the point of the range can not be greater than 25 cm ,the amount of point cannot be less than 3-4cm ,the thickness of more than 0.5 cm of viscose ,this method is used for slightly thicker stone .